Terms & Conditions

Subject to events beyond my control, Plummy Plumbers will:

  • Provide you with a full explanation of the proposed work.
  • Keep in contact with you while the job is being planned.
  • Undertake the work on the agreed date(s).
  • Keep appointments and arrive on time. I will contact you as soon as possible if a problem arises.
  • Treat your home with respect during the course of the work and will take all reasonable steps to avoid any damage to your property. e.g. work with care, use dustsheets etc.
  • Work solely on your job until it is finished, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed with you in advance.
  • Return to correct any fault that may arise after the completion of the work as quickly as possible.

Please note that I have Insurance cover just in case, despite all efforts, some damage unfortunately occurs to your property.

Payment considerations

  • Payment is due on completion of the work.
  • Labour costs quoted are valid for 6 months from the date of the proposal.
  • Estimates for materials/fittings may be subject to change in line with suppliers changing price structures.
  • A cancellation charge of £100 will be made if you cancel/postpone a project within five working days of the agreed start date (this is because I will have committed my time to you in advance which makes me unavailable to other customers. Any significant change to my arrangements then means loss of earnings for that period).